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Our Services

Xquisite 3D Tours offers a wide variety of services used to make listings stand out from the rest. Below are some of our many services that help ensure sellers the most "Xquisite" representation of their property. From professional photography, Matterport 3D Virtual tours and Aerial Photography, we leave no stone unturned.

Professional HDR Photography

Professional Camera

First impressions are everything


The Money shot, what we call it. This is the photo that will grab someones attention, while browsing through hundreds of listings. 

  Using an amateur photographer or a cell phone photo, Is not giving quality client "WOW FACTOR," as the photos are often blurry, crooked, and not appealing to the eye.

Our Money Shot will make your home stand out in a crowded market.

Aerial Photography


A Birds Eye View


There is no better way to view a property and neighborhood then from doing so at 400 feet in the air. Get spectacular views from up above. Adding Aerial photos and or video to a property is like the icing on a cake.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

Matterport Camera

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

A Matterport 3D Virtual Tour is the # 1 tool used when selling a home.

When introducing a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour to a listing, It's almost unfair to the other listings that just have photos alone.

  This 3D Tour will give the buyer an exact tour of the property from room to room. This tour can be viewed from the comfort of the clients home.  Click link below

Single Property Website

Computer showing the www

Don't get lost in a crowded market


Don't let our property get lost amongst the many other homes that are listed…

  we create a beautiful custom Single-Property Website, complete with its own unique domain name for example... ( This is the ultimate way to showcase your property or listing, complete with the Broker/Agent bio & contact information, as well as, the 3D Virtual Tour, property description and info, pictures, floor plans, and more.

  All shareable on social media platform.

Photo Gallery

There is nothing we can't do to a photo that will not meet your needs. See some examples below.

We can make an empty room look cozy and inviting with Virtual staging, costing a fraction of the cost if you were to hire a virtual staging company as you can see from the two samples below.

Create the money shot by turining your house into a beautiful Twilight photo.

We can make a messy room look clean and inviting. After we edit out the mess, then we can Virtual stage it.

The Possibilities are endless. Contact Xquisite 3D Tours to find out what more we can do for you.

Matterport Virtual Tour

The Creme da la creme

What is a Matterport Tour......A Matterport virtual tour is the Cadillac of Tours. It is a fully immersive 3D representation of a space. Users can navigate through the property, zooming in on specific objects and details, and get a 360-degree view, providing a realistic and comprehensive understanding of the space from the comfort of their device.

  A Virtual Tours saves the agent and home owner time. People who view a Virtual Tour and then choose to make an appointment to view the home in person you know are serious because they already walked the home through the Virtual Tour.

Matterport camera
House for sale

Real Estate 

How does a Matterport Virtual Tour work for Real Estate.....We use a Matterport specialized camera equipped with infrared sensors that captures multiple images of a location. These images are then processed by Matterport's advanced Cortex AI platform, which stitches them together to create a seamless, interactive 3D model. Because of the infrared sensors the camera while rotating and taking photos will also measure out the room.

  For Real Estate this will allow the person walking through the tour to use the measuring tool to accurately measure out the room, for example-to see if their bedroom furniture will fit, or how high the ceilings are.

  By using a Matterport camera we can also provide 2D and 3D floor plans of a home as seen below.


2D Floor Plans click image to open

2D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans click image to open

3D Floor Plans

Builders & Developers

Matterport Virtual Tours are not just for Real Estate. Many Builders and Developers use Virtual Tours to show the progression of a project to a client who is out of state, or city officials, or any other party who has interest in seeing the progression without being there. Help spread the word about your new construction & renovation projects by letting everyone see your work. Model homes & recently renovated properties can be seen, and shared among interested parties. Contractors can shoot “before and after” 3D Tours, and get MORE business.

Builders and Developers
For sale by owner

For Sale By Owner

For sale by owner...A home owner can market their property just like the pros do. Our 3D Virtual Tours will help them the same way it helps a Real Estate company… You can blast out your Virtual Tour, and your Professional Photos to all your social media.

Your Business Website

Can you imagine what a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour could do for your business if you had one displayed on your website?

  Potential customers could view your website and Virtually walk through your Business. Great for Catering halls, Restaurants, Child Care Centers, Pre Schools, Retail Store/Outlets, Doctors Office, Warehouse, Hotels/Motels, Museums & Galleries, Salons & Spas, Aged Care Facilities Gyms, and so much more.


Matterport 3D Virtual Tour Sample

When in the tour if on a desk top computer, use the arrow keys to navigate. If using mouse, click on the circles to move through the house.

Single Property Website

What is it.... and why do I need it!!

Single Property Website

What is a Single Property Website....

  We create a beautiful custom Single-Property Website, complete with its own unique domain name. For example... ( or ( This is the ultimate way to showcase your property or listing, complete with the Broker/Agent bio & contact information, as well as, property description and info, Pictures, 3D Virtual Tour, Drone Photos, Floor Plans, and any other important information about the home.

  A Broker/Agent/Home owner can then blast it out on all social media platforms.

Why do I need a Single Property Website....

There are thousands of agents, listing thousands of properties among hundreds of listing sites. A SPW shines a spot light on your one listing. It brings your listing to the front, in a nice neat well put together package that customers love. Once you are provided with your unique domain name you can then blast it out all over social media.

Below are 2 Single Property Websites you can view. Click on the photo and you will be redirected to the site. When you are done please use your back button to return to this website.

6-fox-run-road-sparta-nj-usa-drone 2.jpg
Single Property Website

Aerial Drone Photography

There is no better way to view a home and neighborhood then from 400 feet in the air. Using a drone to take your photos or video of a property is the icing on the cake. A broker/agent who uses drones for their listing shows that they are true professional.


FAA Drone Pilot certified

Xquisite 3D Tours Drone Pilots are FAA certified....Its the law!!

About Us

Xquisite 3D Tours is owned and operated by Michael Armao 

I originally started out as a Wedding Videographer and Photographer. I have been in the busniess of creating beautiful videos and photos for twenty plus years. I am meticulous and take pride in my work and only give my customers the professionalism I would expect for myself and family. I have worked now for years with real estate brokers/agents to show the Xquisite transformation of homes, by virtual staging, 3D tours, and beautiful HDR photography.

Photo of Xquisite 3D Tours owner
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